PHD Students

Quanyang Tao 陶全洋 (Joined 2018)

B.S.    Southwest Univ.      2017

Research: vdW integration

Lingan Kong 孔令安 (Joined 2018)

B.S.    Lingnan Normal Univ.  2015

M.S. Central South Univ. 2018

Research: CMOS devices

Zhiwei Li  李志伟 (Joined 2018)

B.S. Guilin Univ. of Technology  2018

Research: Flexible 2D devices

Liting Liu 刘丽婷 (Joined 2018)

B.S.    Guangxi Normal Univ.  2018

Research: Vertical transistor

Wanying Li 李婉莹 (Joined 2019)

B.S.    Xinyang Normal Univ.  2016

M.S.   Hunan Univ.          2019

Research: Vertical diode

Yang Chen  陈阳 (Joined 2019)

B.S.     Central South Univ.  2016

M.S. Central South Univ. 2018

Research: Flexible 2D devices

Zheyi Lu 鲁哲驿 (Joined 2019)

B.S.    Heilongjiang Univ.  2019

Research: Wafer-Scale vdW integration

Shuimei Ding 丁水妹 (Joined 2020)

B.S.    Hunan Univ.  of Science and Technology       2020

Research: Scalable 2D exfoliation

Xiao Liu 刘潇 (Joined 2021)

B.S.     Hunan Univ.  2021

Research: vdW stability, contact

Weiqi Gao 高炜奇 (Joined 2022)

B.S.     Shanxi Datong Univ.  2019

M.S. Xiangtan Univ. 2022

Research: Optoelectronics

Master students

Wei Tong 童薇 (Joined 2020)

B.S.    Hunan Institude of Engineering  2020

Research: Memristor

Zhaojing Xiao 肖兆京 (Joined 2021)

B.S.    Hunan Institude of Science and Technology 2021

Research: Vertical scaling

Yinshuai Wang 王寅帅 (Joined 2021)

B.S.     Hunan Univ.  2019

Research: Contact engineering

Yunxin Li 李运鑫 (Joined 2021)

B.S.    Northwestern Univ. 2021

Research: Contact scaling

Jinghui Gao 高婧慧 (Joined 2022)

B.S.    Hunan Univ. 2022

Research: Strain modulation



Master students

Wenjing Song 宋文靖 (Joined 2019, graduated 2022) 

Current position: PHD student at Pennsylvania State University, U.S.

Thesis: Exploration of two-dimensional transistors based on van der Waals stencil lithography and local stain engineering

Liwang Ren 任立旺 (Joined 2019, graduated 2022)

Current position: Physics teacher at Mingde Middle School.

Thesis:  Modulation of MoS2/WSe2 interlayer excitons via uniaxial strain

Qianyuan Li 李乾元 (Joined 2018, graduated 2021)

Current position: PHD student at Hunan University

Thesis: Studies of fabrication and performance of two-dimensional memristors based on novel structures

Undergraduate students

Lei Xu 许蕾 (Joined 2018, graduated 2019). 

Current position: PHD student at Peking University

Shiyu Wang 王时雨 (Joined 2020, graduated 2022)

Current position: PHD student at Peking University

Xinxin Huang 黄昕昕 (Joined 2021, graduated 2022)

Current position: Master student at South China University of Technology

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